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The Role Of Homeowner Associations

Feb 22 2010

If you decide to purchase a condominium, a town home or a single family residential home in a planned community, you may suddenly find yourself obligated to pay monthly fees or dues, called assessments, as a mandatory member of the association that represents the community. This association is governed by a Board of Directors who are typically elected by the members of the committee, and this Board makes final decisions in regards to just about everything.

Reason To Hire Condo Property Management

Aug 06 2009
Buying condo properties is a big investment decision and more so in these days of economic slowdown. Therefore, it is very important for you to maintain its condition to its optimum level in order to make sure that your investment is safe. Since running a property investment business and dealing with the maintenance aspects of buildings can be an overwhelming task, it is always wise to hire a condo management company to do the needful. The management company will definitely charge a certain fee that may look like a substantial amount, but when you look at the wide array of benefits that their valuable services offer, you will realize that the benefits actually far outweigh the costs. Here is how.

Benefits of Having Professional Homeowners Association Management

Jun 24 2009

Homeowners Associations are becoming more prevalent in communities and neighborhoods throughout the country. With that, more homeowners are finding themselves living in HOAs and serving on a homeowner's association board. However, many new board members don't realize what is involved with serving on the board of their HOA and what is expected of them.

Advantages Of Homeowner Association Management

Apr 04 2009

  Homeowner association management involves management of a large number of households. An association of home owners is usually an elected body headed by a board of directors or any other board who actually looks after the job of management on behalf of all the members. But these people are no professional managers of properties. So they are not always competent enough to look after all the details that go into a successful management of an association.

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