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Why Is It Important To Have Good Carpets In Your Apartments Or Homes?

Aug 22 2015

Why should you pay close attention to the condition of the carpets?

Carpets that are old, have matted fibers, and are littered with stains will not only make the carpet look bad, but it will also make that room less appealing. The fact of the matter is, no one wants to rent of live in an apartment or home that looks like it hasn't been taken care of or even worse─neglected. Plus, if you can't be minded to change the carpets when they need to be, what else won't you do when the tenant needs something more pressing addressed? If you want to entice potential tenants to sign that lease, maintaining the entire look─both inside and outside, of what you are selling is important.

So, you decide to get new carpets. What carpets should you buy?

When replacing carpets, the first thing you need to do is consider durability. If your apartment complex is pet-friendly, you should choose carpets that have been made from a durable fiber such as nylon. Nylon is dense, and will hold up well against animals and even young children that can tear into carpets as the play and grow.

Aside from durability, another thing that you should consider when choosing carpets is how well they stand up against stains. The better a carpet is against stains, the less likely it will need to be replaced. After all, replacing carpets is not cheap. If you install a carpet that is less stain-resistant, this might cause the potential tenant to question the history of the unit or home. Inevitably, if you would like to avoid answering the question "What happened to the previous owner?" install a stain-resistant carpet.

Is softness as important as important as durability and stain-resistance?

Of course it is! Installing softer carpets will prove ideal for bedrooms or other areas of the home or unit where people spend most of their time barefoot. But, we do suggest that you stick to the more durable carpets for highly-trafficked areas because durable carpets are not usually the softest!

Where can you get a carpet that is soft, durable, stain-resistant, and cheap?

The answer to this question depends. National brands often have a diverse range of materials and prices, but smaller companies have professionals who have dedicated their life to selling and installing carpets. If you were to ask us here at Onyx Management Group, we would suggest that you do your research before you buy!

Onyx Management Group has experience helping property owners get their units or homes in tip-top form. If you have any questions about how or what you can do to make your property more appealing, please reach out!

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