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Why Is It Important For Landlords To Respond To Tenant Concerns Quickly?

Aug 22 2015

There are some concerns that are emergencies and should be handled immediately.

As a company that provides property management services in Philadelphia, we know that there are some emergencies that do need to be addressed immediately. Some of these include gas, electrical and water emergencies.

Why is it important to address a gas emergency ASAP?

When a tenant smells gas, it is very important to be prompt in your response because it could lead to a fire or explosion. What's more, some tenants could be experiencing headaches, nausea and difficulty breathing because of the gas leak.

Even though water doesn't necessarily hurt anyone, it can do damage to your property.

Gushing water or a broken toilet is extremely annoying for tenants to deal with, especially because water is a necessity. But, if a landlord doesn't respond to an issue such as gushing water or a leak quickly, it could be the cause of severe wood or drywall damage.

Sometimes electrical emergencies are more than just dealing with a power outage.

Tenants dislike being left in the dark and without heat, so most of them view these as "emergencies," when a landlord does not. But, if a tenant is experiencing an unusual surge in power (their electrical devices are frying, or even melting) it might mean that there is an issue with the meter. If you do happen to find a smoking and red hot meter, you have probably just saved your property from fire damage!

In the end, it is crucial to respond to tenant concerns as quickly as you can, so that you keep your tenants happy and safe. But, it is also imperative that you identify which ones take priority!

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