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10 Landscaping Tips for a Family-Friendly Rental

Sep 03 2017

Renting is on the rise for both Millennials and families. Furthermore, research shows that home-ownership for families is actually decreasing. According to The Guardian, over the past 10 years, 912,000 more households with children have started renting privately.

There are many factors at play here, but one is a lack of family-friendly amenities in homes. Parents can often find everything they want for their children in a rental community, including nice neighbors, playground equipment, pet-friendly apartments, and necessary safety features.

Selling a single-family home to a family with children is easier than selling it to a single individual or a couple without kids, but you’ll still want to highlight all the right features to sell your single-family home. Families like square footage, extra bathrooms and bedrooms, and a child-friendly design on both the inside and outside.

One of the primary pulls for families with homeownership is the idea of a private yard that’s landscaped for play and family time. There are several updates you can make to your yard to attract these family-friendly buyers and raise your property values.

10 Landscaping Tips for a Family-Friendly Rental

1. Add a backyard play set.

People love that rental communities often have play sets on the premises. Kids need a place to run around outside rather than being glued to their electronics. As the Backyard Guys share, “Things like sand boxes, clubhouse spaces, steering wheels, and telescopes all provide great avenues for kids to let their imaginations take charge, while features like rock walls, rope ladders, monkey bars, and climbing ramps provide a challenge for kids to overcome, keeping them engaged as they play.”

2. Create a parent seating area.

With kids enjoying the play set, parents need some form of comfortable seating where they can watch. If you don’t have a patio, add a comfortable bench positioned near the play set for parental comfort.

3. Fence in the yard.

Security and privacy are of the utmost importance for parents, particularly when their children are young. A fence in the front yard isn’t usually important to homeowners, but they will want something enclosed and secure in the backyard where their children will play. It provides both intrinsic and monetary value to a property, as it can raise values by about $2,500.

4. Offer toy storage areas.

Bicycles, beach balls, sandbox shovels, and sporting equipment are hazardous and unsightly when strewn across the yard without a home. A storage shed provides a tidy space for them to rest when not in use. Storage is always a huge factor for homebuyers, whether it’s meant for toys or garden tools, and you can raise buyer interest significantly with this tasteful addition.

5. Grow healthy grass for play.

Kids need plenty of grass to play on, and the healthier and greener the grass is, the better. Carefully trim your lawn before any showings, and fertilize your grass seasonally to keep it strong and healthy. When the grass is strong and well-maintained, kids can play without damaging it.

6. Cut down on hardscaping.

Many backyards have concrete and pavers, but that’s not very attractive to buyers with kids. Hardscaping means more opportunities for children to fall and hurt themselves. If you’re targeting family homeowners, replace some of the hard surfaces with soft sod.

7. Plant climbing trees.

These can be a conservative, eco-friendly addition to your play-set. Climbing trees not only provide another place for children to play, but they also offer cleaner air and more shade to your property. You can cut down on utility bills, increase privacy, and benefit residents significantly.

8. Hang a tire swing.

After your climbing tree has grown to full height, hang a tire swing. It not only makes the home feel more cozy and quaint, but also offers entertainment for families.

9. Install pool-safe features.

A pool or hot tub is a welcome addition in any backyard, but it brings some safety concerns for families with small children. You can increase the safety of your pool and the goodwill of the homebuyers with a fence and a pool cover.

10. Put in a fire pit.

What family doesn’t want a lovely night in the backyard around an open fire, telling stories and roasting marshmallows? This is one feature that will create family memories and entice buyers.

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