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Concerns With Rentals

Mar 28 2009

 Living in hired accommodations is usually made out to be living in subordination to the owner of the accommodation. Well, the tenant should know that she should definitely abide by the rules set by the owner, but only as long as they are fair enough. A tenant need not stretch herself much to oblige to each and every command of the owner if she is not comfortable by doing so. There are certain issues related to rentals that are addressed out here.

Many times the owners compel the tenants to sign some documents which may be related to the facilities that they offer. The owner might be sending a notice regarding the amount of electricity or water a tenant has used in a particular month. He might be also notifying the tenant about revised rates of monthly payments and about any new rules that he might want to implement currently.

It should be borne in mind that the tenant of the rentals has the right to refuse signing any document if he wishes to. According to the present rules governing the owner and tenant rights, any modifications introduced by the owner should come with a minimum of a one month period of notice. Abrupt notices should not be given and if given, the tenant has the full right to not refuse consenting to the clauses laid out in the notice.

It is rather a convention that notices are meant to be implemented as soon as they are sent to the recipient. It is not mandatory that the recipient sign the notices in order to make them functional. The owner on the other hand has the liberty to send the tenant as many notices he wants to, in as many ways he wants to, at any point of time. He can e-mail a notice, send it by post, deliver it personally to the tenant at the rentals or send it to the tenant in any other way; simultaneously.

For leased accommodations, any modifications can be made effective only after the termination of the lease period. If implementing the changes is mandatory, it should be done with the consent of the tenant. In any case, the tenant should not be compelled to sign any document against her will. However, if a leased agreement gets converted to a monthly tenancy plan, the notice period should be of thirty days.

There are certain norms to be followed by both the owner and the tenant of the rentals regarding the usage of utility facilities. These norms might differ from state to state. In some states, the house owners need to provide accommodations with utility features like the gas stove and electricity. But the tenant is required to pay the bills for these personally. The owner can opt to pay the bill on behalf of the tenant and ask the tenant to pay him a predetermined amount every month for the provided facilities. The clauses regarding the payment of the bills should be clearly stated in the contract signed between the owner and the tenant and should be strictly followed.

If the owner of the rentals agrees to pay the bills for the tenant and there is no mention of the maximum limit of usage, the owner cannot charge the tenant extra money for heavily using any of the resources. For limited usage of the resources by the tenant the owner should specifically mention the relevant clause in the tenancy contract and charge the tenant more if he uses the resources beyond the mentioned limit. 

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