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3 Tips to Help Keep Your Apartment Complex Safe

As an apartment complex owner, it is not only your responsibility to ensure that your tenants are happy, but it is also important that you make them feel safe. We are not just talking about the fact that you should be reminding your tenants to lock their doors, windows and cars; we are talking about your employees and if you use a security system or not. To make your property as secure and safe as possible, we recommend that you take into consideration the following:

Why Is It Important For Landlords To Respond To Tenant Concerns Quickly?

Although your tenants might believe that you should respond to all of their concerns immediately, it is not always required that you do. However, you should acknowledge their issues, and let them know that they will be addressed as soon as you or a member of your maintenance team is available. This is important because if you do assure them that someone will be out as soon as possible, you may just see them living on your property for a lot longer!

Why Is It Important To Have Good Carpets In Your Apartments Or Homes?

To attract new tenants or residents, one of the first things that you should be doing is increasing the property's overall curb appeal. However, do not forget that you also need to pay attention to what's going on inside the unit or home. For instance, aside from paying attention to the color of the walls, lighting, appliances, etc., something else that property owners need to keep in mind is the condition of the home’s or unit’s carpets.

3 Tips To Help Make Your Rental Property More Attractive

While making the decision to purchase and then rent out a property is one thing, the way in which you attract tenants to fill your units or homes is another. In fact, before you make the purchase, you should also be thinking about ways to entice users to fill your property's units or homes.

One of the services that we provide at Onyx Management Group consists of helping our clients find tenants. How do we do it? Well, we make a property look appealing to the point that an individual cannot say “no!”

Over the years, we have found many ways to help our clients make their properties look more attractive. Therefore, we decided to put together a list of a few tips that we believe will help make any rental property more attractive to prospective tenants.

3 Tips For How To Keep Your Property’s Swimming Pool Safe

Before the summer season begins, commercial property owners who have a pool on their property should be taking some initiative during the middle of spring to ensure that their pool is safe.

As a property owner, once a year you should have your pool inspected to guarantee that it still meets the local, state, and federal requirements.

So, the first thing you will need to get done in order to determine if it is swimmable is to give it an annual checkup!

Prep your Property for Spring with this Action Plan

Feb 16 2015

As rental markets heat up during spring and summer cycles, a healthy, green landscape can do wonders for attracting new residents.

A lush front lawn or bed of bursting color doesn’t come overnight or only after a few good rains. Getting the landscape in shape takes time, planning and patience – creating a road map for an attractive landscape is necessary long before the grass starts to turn green.

5 Steps You Can Start TODAY to Get More Resident Lease Renewals

Feb 11 2015

I want you to get the most out of the 7 minutes it will take you to read this article. They say, time is money, but more importantly, time is opportunity. With that in mind, here are 5 ways for you to capitalize on the opportunities in front of you today to help you get more renewals tomorrow!

Retaining Residents

Feb 05 2015

While the number of renters in the market has increased in the last few years, retaining good tenants can still pose a problem for property managers. Maintaining a current resident is much less expensive than locating, approving, and moving in a new tenant. Of course the nature of renting itself is often transient; many people rent while looking for a home to buy, others only in the community for a short period of time.

Do You Appreciate Your Tenants?

Jan 26 2015

As property managers, we’re all aware of the multitude of issues that frequently arise with unreliable tenants. Late rental payments, disturbing the peace, illegal activity, and a general disregard for the property are all problems that typically arise in the property management industry.

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