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Author:hostCreated:10/7/2008 8:02 PM
Property Management

 For most people, the holidays are a time for family festivities, good cheer and decking the halls. Christmas trees, menorahs and wreaths welcome visitors at front doors, and strings of sparkly, blinking lights hang from eves and outline doors and windows.


But as residents deck the halls this holiday season, property owners should be aware of the dangers that come with holiday lights, candles and other decorations. Few consider that these decorations can contribute significantly to holiday fires. Dry holiday trees and lighted candles comprise some of the greatest dangers.

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Residents are slowly but surely coming around to the idea of having renter’s insurance. And that’s good news for homeowners.

A 2014 Insurance Information Institute (III) poll conducted by ORC International found that 37 percent of renters have renter’s insurance, up eight percent from 2011. The number has steadily grown since 2006, when about seven million policies were written. In 2011, some 10.7 million renters had coverage.

But just how many renters kept their policies intact throughout the duration of their rent cycle is an unknown. The numbers don’t take account into how many residents drop their policy shortly after presenting it to comply with a landlord’s mandate to have one in order to rent the home.

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Snow and other forms of precipitation in the Northeast are expected to rival that of a record-shattering year last year as winter gains momentum in January and February. Other parts of the country will be no doubt affected as winter begins to enter its stretch run.

For a home owner, a heavy snowfall can be particularly damaging and dangerous. November’s blizzard in Western New York that posted snowfalls up to seven feet took its toll on numerous homes and businesses. Collapsed roofs from the heavy weight of the snow were among the nearly $50 million in damages reported.

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 Budget forecasting is one thing that many portfolio managers don’t often relish. Investors demand to see how expenses are tracking with the budget, requiring operators and third-party managers the often arduous task of crunching numbers and looking into that crystal ball.

“It is a task that all too frequently is ‘have to’ instead of ‘want to’. ” says Christine Fisher of RealPage, Inc.

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A particularly frigid winter blast or even an inefficient furnace may prompt your residents to bring out the space heater or other warming device. But with that toasty feeling comes a risk to both the resident and landlord, especially if heating devices are left unattended or misused.

A warm blast of direct heat does wonders to take the chill off any home.

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Frigid, blustery weather that has already put parts of the country in a deep freeze is a reminder that the time is now for home winterization. When the mercury drops below 32 degrees, pipes can freeze and eventually burst, resulting in thousands of dollars in damage.

The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IIBHS) estimates that a frozen pipe that ruptures can cause more than $5,000 in water damage.

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As October 31 approaches, your youngest residents are anticipating a night filled with costumes and candy. While the holiday is all about celebrating the spooky and the scary, you don’t want that to turn into reality. Whether you manage a rental home on the side or own a small building, ensure that everyone involved has a safe and fun Halloween by taking the following safety precautions on your property.


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 You might relish getting the be-jeebers scared out of you this time of year, but operating an apartment community shouldn’t be such a bloodcurdling thing.

In many instances, just the thought of reaching full occupancy and dealing with the day-to-day business of maintaining such a huge asset can spin the heads and cross the eyes of onsite managers. And just when they think they’ve outmaneuvered those zombies giving chase, there is plenty more out there to send a shiver up their spines.

With Halloween just a day or so away, we’ve discovered there are a few frightening things that could stand in the way of effective property management. And the last thing anyone wants is a ghostly experience while trying meet expectations from investors.

So, beware of these alarming things and ward off evil by positioning your property for success:

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Homes make strange noises. They’re built from many different materials — glass, concrete, wood — that expand and contract at different rates.

“[But] the most noise your house should make is a popping sound, like your knuckles cracking, and only once in a while,” said Bill Richardson, former president of the American Society of Home Inspectors and owner of Responsive Inspections in Bosque Farms, N.M.

If your home is making noises that rival the best of Metallica, then it may be sending you signals that there’s a problem. We asked the experts to catalogue some of the more worrisome pops, hisses, groans, creaks and knocks, and tell us what they mean and how they can be remedied.

Here are the top seven problem noises and how they can be solved.

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 When potential tenants are looking for a property to rent, you can bet they’re reading listing after boring listing, so how can you make yours stand out as the perfect home? Writing an attractive listing is difficult, as you need to cater your description to someone you have never met. How do you know which aspects to highlight? Also, how can you make your property sound different from the others in your area? Follow these tips to write an eye-catching rental listing.

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