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Welcome to Onyx Management Group

Onyx Management Group is an independent, unaffiliated, licensed and insured Property Management firm. Our managing partners started in the industry as investors over 20 years ago and have built and managed their own investments from the ground up. They have first had knowledge in what it takes to make a profitable investment. 

They understand the efficiency, risk management and tenant comfort required to professionally and competently manage a property. Our business model was based off their experience and when starting Onyx Management Group almost 15 years ago, their knowledge and expertise was their focus to maximize others investments as well.  

Since then, Onyx successfully manages over 1000 units in the Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery County areas. Units range from studio apartments, to multi family buildings, high rises and even commercial buildings. We continue to grow and thrive implementing our partners’ knowledge and experience while we provide excellent services to both the owner and the tenant.  Read More...

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Property Management Services

Onyx Management Group provides a full range of property management services with competitive pricing. We offer a superior service to our clients including, but not limited to: tenant relations (i.e. rent, utilities and fee collection), evictions, proper licensing, property inspections, 24/7 emergency services and leasing as well as preventive maintenance, repairs and renovations, when necessary.

Property Management can be a very time consuming task. As an owner, you are responsible for absolutely everything. Working with an organization that has strong roots in a wide range of Property Management services can alleviate the stress and time consumption of renting your property. 

Let Onyx Management property managers go to work for you. To better understand our services for your specific property, please select a link from the options above which best describes your property needs to learn more abour Residential Property Management, Commercial Property Management, Association Management and rental property investment Philadelphia and explore our competitive prices for rental properties in Philadelphia.  Read More...


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