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Rental Eligibility Guidelines

Below are general guidelines that are taken into consideration during eligibility process when we review the applications for rental.
Rental History:
    * Twelve (12) months of verifiable rental history or home ownership.
    * NO evictions
    * NO outstanding money owed to a landlord or Property Management company.
    * Proper notice given to current or previous landlords.
    * We reserve the right to deny your application if, after making a good faith effort, we are unable to verify your rental history.
    * We reserve the right to deny your application based on poor rental history. 
Employment History:
    * Twelve (12) months of current employment or twelve (12) months in a similar job.
    * Self-employed persons will need to show proof of income (tax returns, etc.)
    * Other stable income may be acceptable if NO employment. 
Income Requirements:
    * Net income (including co-applicant) shall be A MINIMUM of three (3) times the rent amount.
    * Income may include sources other than employment.
    * Ability to pay all deposits and rent in full, prior to move-in. 
Credit Requirements:
    * One (1) year of established credit history.
    * All Credit Accounts must be current.
    * No undischarged bankruptcies.
    * One (1) year of established credit after bankruptcy.
    * We reserve the right to deny your application based on poor credit history 
Occupancy Limit:
    * The number of occupants per unit is limited to no more than 2 people per bedroom plus one, unless local fire safety codes are more prohibitive. 
I.D. Required:
    * Each applicant over 18 years of age will be required to produce a photo I.D.  (a driver’s license or other government issued photo identification card) and a second piece of I.D., as well.
    * Material false information on your application may result in denial.

Examples Of Acceptable Reasons For Rental Application Denial

Here are some examples of acceptable reasons to deny an applicant rental, which do not violate fair housing laws at the federal, state or local level:

  • The person smokes. 
  • The person wants to keep a pet (not to be confused with a service animal or a comfort animal, both of which are not pets). 
  • The applicant has insufficient income (income is defined broadly and includes more than just a salary from a job) 
  • The person’s income cannot be verified. 
  • The applicant has been arrested and/or charged with a crime. 
  • The person has been convicted of a crime. 
  • The individual has been sued for owing someone money. 
  • The applicant has a money judgment against them. 
  • The person does not have a prior rental history (1st time renters are not protected). 
  • The applicant has a poor rental history. 
  • They do not provide complete answers on the application. 
  • The applicant provided false information on the application. 
  • Prior landlords had negative comments about the applicant and would not rent to them again. 
  • The person has poor or no credit history. 
  • They have only been employed for a short period of time at their current job ( I prefer to see at least 6 months – 1 year of employment at their current job so that I know there is some stability in their source of income). 
  • The individual has filed bankruptcy in the past. 
  • They have a foreclosure on their record.

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