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Your Property Managed Your Way

Onyx Management Group provides professional management for apartment complexes of all sizes; with or without on-site managers.

When apartments are well managed, owners attract higher quality tenants who take pride in being their tenants. Our job is to assure high tenant retention levels, along with a high return on your investment. We are here to protect and grow your investment, keep you informed and your tenants happy, and keep the vacancies low so that your cash flows.

Onyx Management Group goes above and beyond to:

  • Price your apartments appropriately, based on solid market analysis
  • Conduct thorough tenant screening using stringent verification guidelines
  • Interactive Website for Owners & Tenants
  • Be immediately responsive to both you and your tenants
  • Hire, train, manage and evaluate on-site personnel (as necessary)
  • Work with the on-site management to keep expenses low and tenant satisfaction high
  • Enforce rules & regulations to provide a safe and enjoyable community
  • Maintain your property’s value by emphasizing preventive maintenance
  • Mobilize quickly when a tenant moves out to re-rent the apartment quickly
  • We oversee all maintenance and repairs, monitoring vendors and every dollar that is spent. Having our own maintenance division enables us to respond quickly, whether it’s to fill a vacancy quickly or respond to a tenant emergency.

Apartment Management Services

  • Targeted Marketing
  • Tenant Screening
  • Rent Collection
  • Accounting Services (Accounting-Only Services Available)
  • On-line Client Access to Monthly Reports
  • Personnel Administration
  • Maintenance & Construction Management
  • 24-hour Emergency Service
  • Dedicated Maintenance Division
  • Capital Improvement Estimates
  • Building System Maintenance
  • Perform Regular Property Inspections
  • Eviction Coordination

Third-Party Oversight Services

In addition to all of our direct property management services,Onyx Management Group provides independent third-party oversight of your on-site management system. This check-and-balance is your assurance that everything – and everyone — is working at peak performance.

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