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Rental Application Requested Documents

In addition to providing a completed application, we request that prospective tenants provide us with supporting documentation to validate information provided on the prospective tenant application. 

1) Proof of Income: 
  • 2 months worth of most recent pay-stubs: We compare the prospective tenant's application take home income against the requested rental amount. We are looking for take home pay to equal 3 times the rent.
  • Self Employed Individual: For those persons who are independent contractors and applying as a prospective tenant, we will copies of 2 years tax returns and last 3 months bank statements to validate the income. 
  • Pensions, Social Security, Governmental Assistance: For those persons who are receiving pensions, social security, or governmental rental assistance, then you must provide proof of award letter, vouchers, or other documentation. 
  • Client must provide proof of income, and it must be validated by 3rd party sources. Therefore, we do not normally accept a notarized letter from an employer as sufficient income without other proof being provided.
2) Copies of Identification
  • Copy of Driver’s license or
  • Copy of state identification or passport

  • 3) Prospective Tenant Applicants with pets. We know some tenants have loving pets, but pets are an additional risk for landlords. Therefore, we request that applicants who have pets must provide supporting documentation:

    • Pictures of the animal provided with the application
    • Proof of any pet training certificates awarded to your pet
    • Proof of any local ordinance registration requirements if requested  

    *Optional Support that maybe requested: 

    4) Copies of Bills
    Copies of Bills of residence that were living with family or living as a roommate: We know that some prospective tenants are living with their families or were roommates in a property without being on the lease. This means that the applicant should provide us proof of residency such as bills being sent to the applicant at the address. This is how we can verify residency information if you do not have a current lease, or your state approved identification does not indicate the current address as the address provided on the application.

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