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When renting to a Section 8 Tenant with the Housing Authority of Philadelphia (PHA), be advised that any of the following may occur during the process:

The process may take up to three months for PHA to process the Application, complete the property inspection, execute the Contract, approve the tenant to move in and begin actual rent payments. The exact amount of the rent you will receive may NOT be determined until the Contract is executed, which is toward the END of the process.

AFTER the Application has been turned in, AFTER the expense of the property inspection has been spent and AFTER the property inspection has passed. At that time, if you are not happy with the amount of rent granted and decline that amount, the entire process of finding a tenant will have to start all over again.

At that point, if Turn-Key has brought forth a qualified, approved tenant and you decline the amount of rent offered by PHA, the 75% Management fee will still be charged to you, because we brought a qualified tenant to the table and it was your decision to accept the terms of a Section 8 Tenant with the Housing Authority of Philadelphia City.

The time-frame between the property passing inspection and the Contract being executed can be a month or longer. This means it could be another month or longer before the Tenant will be allowed to move in and when rent will begin being paid, even after the unit passes the inspection. While the Tenant is living in the unit, the Tenant’s Voucher can be revoked by PHA, at any time, for reasons that will not be disclosed by PHA, rent payments will stop and it will then be your responsibility to get the Tenant out of the unit. This process is the normal Eviction process in the Philadelphia Court system and can take up to three months to complete.

If the Tenant does not pay their portion of the rent, PHA will not offer any assistance with convincing the tenant to pay the rent. If you wish to remove the tenant for non payment of rent, you will need to go through the normal Eviction process in the City of Philadelphia Court system and can take up to three months to complete. Even after a Judgment is obtained against the Tenant for non-payment of rent, PHA may still move them into another Section 8 assisted unit. If the Tenant completely destroys your unit, PHA will still allow them to move into another Section 8 assisted unit.

PHA has no interest in Tenant damages at all! As the Owner,
be advised any of the above circumstances may occur and be prepared to accept any of these circumstances and still move forward with a placement a Section 8 Tenant with assistance through the Housing Authority of Philadelphia City.
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