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Condo Associations

Onyx Management Group provides professional management services to condominium associations. Our managers are often called upon to perform or oversee a wide variety of jobs and as such, they must have a solid understanding of the principles of human resources, contracting, accounting/finance, insurance, physical plant maintenance, government relations, board management, basic construction and law.

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We offer the following services to Condo Associations:

  • Condo Document Review
  • Condo Records Management
  • Budgets / Assessments / Collections
  • Risk Management & Insurance
  • Financial Management
  • General Administration
  • Accounting Functions
  • Board Meetings
  • Homeowners Meetings

Accounting Functions

  • Bill and collect Association Assessments
  • Send late notices for Assessments that are past due
  • File Liens for non-payment of Assessments and Fines
  • Process and Pay Bills
  • Maintain and reconcile bank accounts for the Association

Board Members are provided with monthly accounting statements that include the following:

  • Budget Comparison Report
  • Balance Sheet
  • Delinquent Assessment Report
  • Activity Statement
  • Copies of Paid Bills
  • Checking Account Reconciliation Statement
  • Copies of Bank Statements +
  • Help draft a yearly budget
  • Assist with Reserve Studies
  • Assist with Annual IRS Tax Return; Audits
  • Maintain current database of property owners

Provide Escrow agent with account balances and charges relating to new ownership

Board Meetings

  • Conduct with a written agenda and by parliamentary procedures
  • Attend Board meetings, provide data, copies of correspondence and drive through inspection
  • Answer questions pertaining to financial statements and give a manager's report
  • Advise and assist board to establish consistent Policies and Procedures
  • Assist Board with creating payment, collection & CC&R Enforcement Policies
  • Provide Board members with copies of meeting minutes
  • Enforcement of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions

Perform regular inspections of the common areas and individual lots (applicable to HOA's)

  • Send violation notices to property owners
  • Provide Board with copy of inspection report and violation notices mailed to homeowners
  • Assist Board in securing compliance of the violation
  • Set up hearing with homeowner
  • Refer Legal Counsel

Homeowner Meetings

  • Print and mail residents notice of Homeowners meetings
  • Attend Homeowners meetings
  • Assist with the election of the Board of Directors
  • Provide homeowners with annual financial reports and budgets


  • Assist with maintenance, repairs and replacement of capital assets
  • Provide Resale Certificates and complete lender questionnaires
  • Mail Newsletters
  • Assist with Insurance Renewals
  • Assist with Annual State Non-Profit Corporation Report
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