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Our Fee Schedule

This fee structure is designed with the simple philosophy that our interests are aligned and we are only compensated when you are making money.  Our goal is to bring in the highest rent for your property and to lease it in as little time as possible.  A vacant property is not profitable for either of us.

Full Service Management Rates
Single Unit/Condo: 7% of the rent collected with minimum fee of $50.00/mo and maximum fee of $150.00/mo
Multi Family: 6% - 8% of collected rent or negotiable based on number of units, location and condition
Apartment Buildings: 5% - 7% of collected rent based on number of units, location and condition
Commercial: 5% of collected rent amount
Tenant Placement: 100% of the first month rent for all property types.


Leasing Service Only
Leasing Fee: 100% of the first month rent (for all type of properties)


Maintenance Service Only
Maintenance Fee: $50.00 per month per property. $150.00 per month 4-10 units, apartment buildings. Have 10+ units? Contact us for special pricing.




Maintenance Fees
Handyman Labor: $65.00; every additional hour $ 50.00.
During non-business and weekend hours: $95.00 every additional hour $ 50.00; There is no charge if job was not performed.
Renovation or Rehab Jobs: Prices available upon request.


Miscellaneous Fees
NSF Checks: $45.00
Application Fee: $55.00 per applicant
Tenant Late Fee: 50% of any late fee amount collected to off-set our administrative and collection expenses.
Rental License Service Fee: Nominal rental license fee plus $50.00
Business Privilege License Fee with open Tax account: Nominal business license fee plus $50.00
1099 Form: $12.00 per form
Eviction: $580.00 (include attorney fee, writ of possession and affidavit filing).
Agent’s attendance to Section 8 inspections: $100.00 for initial inspection
Lead Inspection $350.00


Electronic Payment Services
PayPal Service: 3% for credit/debit cards
Express Pay Service: 2.7% for credit/debit card plus $0.40 per transaction.
$2.50 for an e-check per each transaction.
Pay by Phone: 3% for credit/debit card per transaction.

If you have any questions, please call Onyx Management office at (215) 355-0500 x. 111


Note: Please contact us for special package pricing for multiple units. Additionally, we offer special programs with aggressive fee structures for investor groups, REITs, asset managers, Banks, Foreign Investment Entities and any bulk buyers/owners of investment properties. Our large coverage area means you can own units in multiple cites/neighborhood and still have preferred pricing as well as the convenience of one company to work with.

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Leasing Service Only
Leasing Fee: 100% of the first month rent (for all type of properties)
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