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Are you sick of feeling like your paying rent for nothing? Make your rent count...

You can start putting your rent check towards buying your new home. Ask about our new rent-to-own program today! If you are eligible, you can have $700 of each month’s rent go toward owning your own home! At the end of the year, that means you will have $8400 towards your down payment. You can add to this for as long as you are renting-up to 3 years!  It’s a savings account built into your monthly rent payment!

We have an opportunity you should consider.  Lease-options are now very popular because it is becoming more difficult to qualify for financing. 

So consider the following:

  • Why rent if you really would rather buy?
  • Does it interest you that a lease option can save you $100 per month versus ordinary renting?
  • Do you have $1000 to $2000 to meet the minimum down payment requirement?
  • If your circumstances change in some way, you can opt out of your agreement during the month of April each year while you are in a lease-option.

This is a WIN-WIN situation! 

If you are interested and want to see what's possible.  As of today, we have a list of available in Philadelphia area. Please visit our office located at 301 Lakeside Drive Southampton, PA 18966 and get a list.  Then we can schedule a private showing of any property that you would like to consider for your next home.  So please call us at (215) 355-0500

Our approval and orientation process is simple:

  • We show you any and all properties that interest you at your convenience;  we have fact sheets on each property so that you will have all pertinent details--like room sizes and recent improvements--at your fingertips.
  • We give you a questionnaire to complete so that we can get to know you better; we also supply you with a short orientation sheet that will give you an idea about some of our procedures especially as they apply to the early part of any tenancy.
  • We have a couple of handouts that cover many of the details of our lease-purchase program; we'll give you these or you can read them right here on our website.
  • Once you return your questionnaire, we have a sit down meeting with you in our office.  We may talk with you briefly about the information you have given us on the questionnaire because we want to be as helpful as possible in getting you into the just right housing situation.  We also will go over with you in detail exactly how our program works.
  • We want you to see, with no questions going unanswered, how you will become the home owner of the property that will be your next home.  Finally, if you are totally satisfied, we will collect the very nominal down payment that is required.  And, by the way, we do accept most pets at minimal additional charge to you.
  • We prepare the paperwork; call you when it's ready for you to pick up and review at your convenience.
  • Finally, you call us when you have read things over.  We will then schedule a meeting with you to answer questions, finalize all the details, collect your initial lease payment, and give you keys.
You do not have to have perfect credit.  You simply need to have reasonable credit.  We know bad things happen to people.  You may have lots of medical bills that you haven't been able to pay; possibly you had a period of hard luck that resulted in some late payments on a few of your bills.  You should not be locked out of home ownership because you had an unfortunate circumstance a few years ago.  You probably have proven yourself since then and we are here to put people in homes even if qualifying at the bank won't work.


If you are sure that you would rather just rent call us at (215) 355-0500. We look forward to helping you with any of your housing needs whether it's a rental house or apartment, a lease-option, or the outright purchase of any of approximately 700 properties now on the market in our area.

* Subject to mortgage approval. Appraisal is based on today’s market value.

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